Exadata Deployment Assistant

Previously, for an Oracle database machine installation, customers had to fill out the configuration worksheet, with information regarding the hostnames, ip addresses, how they want the machine configured etc. The file generated from the configuration worksheet served as the input to OneCommand.

Now there is a new utility called the “Exadata Deployment Assistant”. This is a java based, wizard driven configuration file generator, which replaces the configuration worksheet. You can get the utility by downloading the latest OneCommand Patch. You can find the latest OneCommand patch by referring to the Onecommand section of Mos Note 888828.1.

You can also find the latest Oracle Exadata Deployment Assistant at http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/exadata/oeda-download-2076737.html

Download and unzip the patch.

cd linux-x64


The details of the command, and the inputs it looks for are in the chapter titled “Using Oracle Exadata Deployment Assistant”, in the latest “Exadata database machine Owner’s guide”.

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