How to setup a blog on a dime

This blog now runs on an AMD Athlon based computer from the year 2000. The computer still works well so I decided to put it to work.

One of the pre-requisites is to have an always on broadband connection, and check with your broadband provider if they block any ports or frown upon using your home broadband connection to setup a web server (Some do). It was a days worth of work to set it up.

The high level steps are

* Procure a domain name
* Setup your domain name resolution

I use for my name resolution

I redirect all traffic to <a href=””></a> to <a href=”″></a> (Did not want to use the default 80 port which means that I need to run my http server as root).

* Install Ubuntu Linux (Hardy Heron) in desktop mode (You could install server mode too)
* Install Apache2
* Install MySql (Because wordpress requires this)
* Install Php (Because wordpress requires this)
* Install/configure WordPress
* Configure your router at home to allow http traffic to your wordpress server
* Setup a script to periodically update your ip address (Since your broadband provider changes it multiple times a day)

Thats it and happy blogging.

Update : Since I set this up, I have moved this to a hosting provider.

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