Listing Errors from Cloudwatch logs using Aws Cli

The following commands can be used to list the Error messages from cloudwatch logs, produced from DMS (Database Migration service).

First list the log groups

aws logs describe-log-groups

Next list the log streams in your log group

aws logs describe-log-streams --log-group-name <YourLogGroupNameHere>

Next list the error messages. Within the DMS log, the Errors are indicated with a pattern “E:” within the error string, so that is the pattern we search for.

aws logs filter-log-events --log-group-name <YourLogGroupNameHere> --log-stream-names <YourLogStreamNameHere> --filter-pattern "[message = \"*E:*\"]" --query 'events[*].message'

If you are searching in cloudwatch logs produced from other sevices, you should replace E: with the pattern that flags Error messages for that service.

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