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Cloud Networking Basics for the Non CCNA certified – IP Address

As more and more enterprises are migrating their IT deployments to the Public Cloud, several IT personnel who are not classically trained on networking theory and practice, are routinely having to architect, setup, deploy, manage and support these Cloud based implementations. This blog post is aimed at someone who is a DBA or Developer in […]


Python script to query zillow

Here is a script that can be used (tested with python3 only) to query price information from zillow using the zillow API. zillow.py First you should register with zillow and get yourself a Zillow Web Services ID, following the steps outlined at¬†https://www.zillow.com/howto/api/APIOverview.htm. Then edit the script and substitute the string (On line 7)¬†YourZillowWebServicesIdHere, with your […]